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Frequent questions

For orders in Stock the minimum order is 25 pcs of the same models and capacity. For the rest of our products the minimum order is 100 pcs.

We have the following capacities: 512 Mb, 1,2,4,8,16 and 31 Gb.

Yes, in addition to our line products we have USB Custom memories service. We can turn any logo or figure into USB, we just need you not to send an image and in less than 24 hours we will send you a virtual proposal.

The delivery time is 15 days once confirmed the physical sample of the order. For product in Stock delivery is the next day or in 3 days in case of request logo application.

Yes, all our prices include logo application up to 4 inks, laser engraving or hotstamping.

We have 4 types of logo application: Serigraphy, Laser Engraving, Hot Stamping and Full Color. For more information we invite you to visit our EXTRAS section.

Yes, all our prices include storage of any type of information no greater than 100 Mb, in case your file is larger than 100 Mb, an additional cost will be charged.

You can use our online quote, just click on quote on the products of your interest, specify capacity, quantity, give us your data and in less than 24 hours we will send you a quote. Or if you prefer you can mark or write directly to the data that comes in our contact section.

Our payment method is 50% advance and 50% against delivery. Payments can be made via electronic transfer or by depositing directly with the bank. For more information, consult our Terms section.

Yes, all our memories are assembled only with Toshiba, Hynix or Samsung chips

Yes, all our products have a one-year warranty against any defect, in which case the damaged part is replaced by a new one.

General questions

The main advantage unlike any other promotional is that people will really be using the USB device constantly which will have its image applied to it. What will allow him to be present in the minds of his consumers. This thanks to the demand and practicality of a USB device.

The Universal Serial Bus (USB for its acronym in English) or Universal Serial Driver, is a port used to connect peripherals such as storage memories, mice, keyboards and many other accessories to any computer that has these ports.

It is a small storage device that uses flash memory to store any type of information. These memories are resistant to scratches and dust that have affected previous forms of storage such as DVDs and CDs.

USB devices are classified into four types according to their data transfer speed: Low speed (1.0): Transfer rate up to 1.5 Mbps (192 KB / s). Full speed (1.1): Transfer rate of up to 12 Mbps (1.5 MB / s). High speed (2.0): Transfer rate of up to 480 Mbps (60 MB / s). Super speed (3.0) with transfer rate of up to 4.8 Gbps (600 MB / s).

Presented in 2008. It is in full swing of transition between USB 2.0 devices and USB 3.0. The main technical innovation of the USB 3.0 port is that it increases the transfer capacity to 4.8 Mbps (600 MB / s), which is currently 480 Mbps.

Here is a storage table with the most common uses

256MB 512MB 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB
Images (2MB) 128 256 512 1.000 2.000 4.000


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